18 Jan 2016


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Daddy good evening, my names are Johnny John from Akwa Ibm Province 2. I thank the Almighty God for what He did for us last year, what He is doing now, what He's going to do for us and what He will not even do at all because He is the All Knowing God. I also give God all the glory for just concluded Holy Ghost Congress and January Holy Ghost Service. I return all glory to Him alone. Daddy there are things that disturbs me much and a host of others but being that we can not over rule our leaders but it is getting out of hand that people began to murmured and we all know murmuring is not good in God’s side. Daddy these are the things that draw people’s concern 1. PLANTING OF CHURCHES I thank God for the vision and mission of the church (RCCG) which I so much love, what I am and where I am today is because of the grace of God and the vision and mission of RCCG. But Daddy Akwa Ibom Province 2 is becoming something else that people are leaving the church because of planting of parishes and we don’t put it into consideration. About 90% of parishes has become where two or three are gather because Eket in particularly is not a populated city when it happen like this people are moving out to other churches and we don’t take it into consideration why people are moving out but we are concerns in planting parishes. And after planting these parishes no visit to know whether the parishes we planted are in good conditions or standing strong. And some of the parishes are too closed that it outside the vision and mission of the church. How would I stop going to big parish that is closed by to worship than to go to where two or three are gathered. Daddy it is no longer 5minutes driving distance but 2 to 3minutes. There are some parishes you go only the pastor and the family finish and it has become that when they transfer people they would just moved like that out of the church and we don’t care to note whether those they transferred reported or not and after planting they are through with the parish. 2. REMITTENT Daddy this is another area that throw much concern. After remittance there is nothing left for the small parishes to run their churches. For example Daddy if you can in a month make N15000 during returns you will discovered that only N3000 to N3500 would remain for the church and fuel is from this N3500, levy, Area program support, Zonal program support, Provincial program support, help to members, good women levy, children’s support and other miscellaneous still from this N3500 and no support to the small small parishes daddy this really call for consideration please because we small small parishes we are dying out financially, spiritually and physically but Areas, Zones and Provincial do nothing to help to strengthen the parishes. Because when you are trying to stand and text are coming to your phones demanding for money when parish wallet cannot afford their demand I mean you will be disorganized and sometimes text entered when you are inside church meditating and waiting on the Lord to deliver the message. If I may want to send to you the remittance sheet you will be surprise on what we are passing through. 3. LOVE We have to do something about love in the church 1John 3:18 I don’t want to go deep because it is something in the church. Please Daddy helps us. Thank you Daddy and God bless

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